Divorce, Separation, Custody, and Domestic & Sexual Violence


Other COVID-19 Problems

Everyone Deserves to Feel Safe at Home - Temporary Assistance is Available

Domestic violence can heighten during isolation. You’re not alone. DHS is still a resource for you and your children, as well as local domestic violence agencies.

Resources for families experiencing divorce, separation, or domestic violence during COVID-19

Survivors of domestic and sexual violence, and families experiencing divorce or separation during COVID-19 have unique challenges. This resource includes information about the availability of protection orders and support from domestic/sexual violence advocacy programs during COVID-19. Also included is information regarding divorce, custody and other family law cases during COVID-19, as well as information about the COVID-19 stimulus payment that is specific to survivors and families going through divorce or custody disputes. Information regarding unemployment benefits, housing, food and safety net programs is also included.

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