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For Respondents: Request for a Restraining Order Hearing Form

Authored By: Oregon Judicial Department
Court forms page - online process Information Link to PDF Information page for Respondents

Court forms page - online process: www.courts.oregon.gov


On the Oregon Judicial Department's (OJD) page on Family Abuse Prevention Act (FAPA) Restraining Orders (http://www.courts.oregon.gov/programs/family/domestic-violence/Pages/restraining.aspx) there is a button that says 'Challenging a Restraining Order'. When you click the button you will see the following options:


The iForm link will take you to the online interview-based system where you can challenge the restraining order by filling out the form online. The PDFs can be read online or downloaded, and the Request for Hearing form can be printed and filled out to be turned in at the courthouse.

Link to PDF Information page for Respondents: www.courts.oregon.gov

Last Review and Update: Nov 22, 2017