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An excerpt from the Community Education booklet Family Law in Oregon

How do I get married in Oregon?

To get married you need a marriage license from the County Clerk. The fee is approximately $60. The license becomes effective three days after it is issued. A person authorized by the state must perform the marriage and two people must witness it. You do not need a blood test to get married. You do not need to live in Oregon to get married here.

How old do I have to be to get married?

You must be 18 years old to get married in Oregon without a parent's permission. You can get married at age 17 if: 1) you have written permission from a parent or guardian, or 2) neither parent lives in Oregon and you have lived here for six months in the county where you are applying for the marriage license. You cannot get married in Oregon if you are under 17, even if you have a child or have a court order emancipating you (declaring you an adult for certain purposes).

Can I get married by common law in Oregon?

No. Common law marriages (marriages created by a couple living together and acting like husband and wife) cannot be created in Oregon. But Oregon does recognize common law marriages that are established in a state that allows them.


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Last Review and Update: Dec 08, 2010