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About the Referral Database

Our Referral Database helps people in Oregon connect with free and low-cost help in their communities.  


What type of help can you find on our site?  

You can use our site to find free and low-cost lawyers in Oregon. You can also find other kinds of legal help, including:  

  • Self-help advocates: non-lawyers who provide legal support, such as help filling out court forms or know-your-rights information. 

  • Law libraries: places you can go to research the law.  

  • Lawyer referral: a program or service that can help you find a lawyer in Oregon.  

  • Government help or services: a government agency or program that provides free legal help to the public. 

  • Help with court forms: a place that can help you find and fill out court forms.  

  • Community services or referrals to community services: A place that can help you find financial help and other resources in your community related to your legal issue. 

Some organizations have rules about who financially qualifies for legal help. You can learn more here


For professionals: