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Search for Lawyers and Legal Help in Oregon

You can use this page to search for free and low-cost lawyers and legal help in Oregon.* 

For personalized referrals, based on your income, location, and legal problem, you can use our Guided Help tool instead.**

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*If you can afford to hire a lawyer, you can use Oregon's free attorney referral service to find a lawyer instead. 

**Our Guided Help tool is new. For now, this tool can only match you with organizations and information if you have a housing or family issue.

Disclaimer: The law firms and lawyers in our directory do not have enough staff to help everyone who applies for services. Most law firms have a limited number of legal issues they can take on. Your legal issue must be within that list of legal issues to get help. You can learn more about eligibility rules for free legal help here.

For legal professionals: You can go here to see a list of legal aid providers in Oregon by county.