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What to Do if Your Restraining Order is Violated

Authored By: Oregon Law Center and Legal Aid Services of Oregon LSC Funded


If you have a restraining order or a protective order and you live in Oregon, you can enforce your order by reporting violations to the police.

What is a violation?

  • If the Respondent disobeys any part of your restraining order, it is a violation.
    • Your restraining order is customized to your individual situation. So make sure you understand what is and is not allowed by your order. The Respondent can get in trouble for not following the order, even if you agree to a change. To change your order, you must file modification paperwork with the court and wait for a judge to approve your request by signing a new order.
    • If you have a stalking protective order and the Respondent disobeys your order by contacting you by phone, texting, or other not in-person means, it is not considered a violation under the law unless the contact makes you afraid for your personal safety.
  • You cannot violate your own restraining order by contacting the Respondent.
    • However, if your restraining order contains a parenting plan, you must follow the plan. If you need to change the parenting time, you should go back to court and file a request to modify the order.

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Last Review and Update: Nov 20, 2017