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Health Insurance and Life Insurance Support Orders

Look at your child support order. This document should say:  

  1. Which parent has to enroll the child in health insurance, and
  2. Which parent has to pay health insurances costs (if there are any).

For more information on health insurance and child support, visit the CSP website.

If the other parent was ordered to provide health insurance, talk to your CSP caseworker to see if they can help you. If the CSP caseworker can’t help you, you can file a contempt case with the court to try to get the other parent to get health insurance for your child.

  1. Read your child support order. Many child support orders require parents to split “uninsured medical expenses” based on percentages.   
  2. Ask the other parent in writing to pay you. Text, email, or message the other parent. Remind them what your court order says. Tell them how much they owe. Provide them with proof of the expense. Keep evidence of this conversation.   
  3. If the parent doesn’t pay, you can pay 100%. This will prevent your credit from being hurt by medical debt. Keep receipts that show you paid this expense.  
  4. Repeat steps 2 and 3 as needed. Keep asking the other parent to pay uninsured medical expenses as they come up — even if they keep saying no. Continue documenting these conversations.  
  5. Take the other parent back to court. If the other parent continues to not pay, you can take them back to court and ask a judge to help you make the other parent pay. To do this, you will need to start a contempt case. You will need to have evidence that the other parent wasn’t following your court order. 

Yes, if a parent asks for child support as part of a divorce or custody case. The court can order the paying parent to buy a life insurance policy that, if the paying parent dies, will pay out to the parent with custody and replace child support payments. 

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