Other Protection Problems

Housing Rights For Domestic Violence, Sexual Assault, and Stalking Survivors

Information regarding housing rights for domestic violence, sexual assault, dating violence, and stalking survivors.

Animation: Workplace Rights for Survivors

Animation explaining workplace rights for survivors of domestic violence, sexual assault and stalking in Oregon.

Animation: Workplace Rights for Survivors

Animation explaining workplace rights for survivors of domestic violence, sexual assault and stalking in Oregon.

Workplace Rights for Victims of Domestic Violence, Sexual Assualt or Stalking

Your job and your safety are important. Laws in Oregon protect workers who are victims of domestic violence, stalking and sexual assault.

Are you Being Stalked?

Information about what to do if you think you are being stalked.

Stalking Fact Sheet

Detailed information about stalking, including stalking safety plans.

Oregon Coalition Against Domestic and Sexual Violence

Information about domestic violence, sexual assault, stalking and elder abuse.

Oregon Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault Resources

Domestic violence and sexual assault programs in Oregon.

DHS Guide to Domestic Violence & Sexual Assault Services

Information and services for domestic violence survivors, including shelters, safe homes and counseling, throughout Oregon.

Temporary Assistance for Domestic Violence Survivors (TA-DVS)

Information about funds that might be available through the Oregon DHS TA-DVS program for domestic violence survivors if needed for safety. These funds may also be available for domestic or sexual assault survivors or stalking survivors.

Telephone Assistance Program For Those At Significant Risk of Abuse

A link to information on how those at significant risk of abuse can avoid having their telephone service disconnected--even after falling behind on telephone bills. For more information, call the Oregon Public Utility Commission at 1-800-522-2404.

Oregon's Workplace Protections for Victims of Domestic Violence, Sexual Assault or Stalking

Information about protections for Oregon employees who are victims of domestic violence, sexual assault or stalking, including protection from job discrimination, reasonable workplace safety accommodations and reasonable leave time from work to address safety matters.

Address Confidentiality Program (ACP)

The Address Confidentiality Program enables victims of domestic violence, sexual assault, and stalking to keep their residential address information confidential. The program is designed to prevent offenders from using state and local government records to locate their victims.

Confidentiality / Privacy Protections for Survivors

If you have been a victim of sexual assault, domestic violence, or stalking, you may want to take steps to keep information about you away from your abuser. This pamphlet has information about some of the ways you can keep your information private.

Safety Tips for You and Your Family

Information provided by the American Bar Association about things that you can do to make yourself and your family safer.

Safety Plans - Stalking

Safety planning to help prevent stalking.

What is Safety Planning?

Safety planning for someone involved in an abusive relationship is a necessary and important step. Get more information at this website.

Domestic Violence and Guns

The brochure was prepared by the Oregon Firearms and Domestic Violence Task Force. It provides information about safety planning, the risks presented by firearms, and state and federal firearms laws.

Internet and Tech Safety Tips for Survivors

Link to NNEDV's Safety Net: National Safe & Strategic Technology Project. The project has numerous resources to help victims and agencies respond effectively to the many ways that technology impacts victims of domestic and dating violence, sexual violence and stalking.

Tech Safety Planning for Survivors

This handout provides simple but critical tips about phone, computer, email, and other technology use to discuss if someone you know is in danger.

How to Get a Stalking Protective Order in Oregon

Information about how to get an order to help protect you or your children from stalking.

How to Get a Family Abuse Prevention Act Restraining Order

Information about Family Abuse Prevention Act (FAPA) Restraining Orders to help protect you from domestic violence.

Links to Court Forms and Information for Respondents in a Restraining Order Case

Links to instructions and forms for respondents in contested Family Abuse Prevention Act (FAPA) restraining orders.

How to Prepare for Your Contested Restraining Order Hearing

How to prepare for a hearing if your restraining order or order of protection is being contested.

A Legal Guide for Oregon Advocates

A reference tool for advocates who work with domestic violence, sexual assault, and stalking survivors in Oregon.

Accessibility to Oregon Courts

Information about requesting accommodation for disabilities in order to use the state court system's services or facilities.

How to Serve (Deliver) Legal Papers in Oregon

The person who files a legal matter must make sure that notice of the case is “served” (or delivered to) the other side. This booklet tells you how, where, and when to do it, who can do it, and why.

Crime Victims' Rights

Information about the legal rights guaranteed to victims of crime under Oregon laws.

OJD Family Law Website

The Oregon Judicial Department (OJD) Family Law Website provides information about family law services and resources in Oregon, and offers statewide forms for use in family law proceedings. The website includes information, forms and resources for domestic violence, stalking, and elder abuse survivors.

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