FAPA Hearing Checklist

Authored By: Oregon Law Center and Legal Aid Services of Oregon


Read your notice carefully

  • Double check the date, time, and location of the hearing
  • Call the court immediately if you need to reschedule your hearing date
  • Call the court if you need an interpreter at the hearing

What you have to prove

At the hearing you have to prove: 

  • You and the Respondent are family or household members
  • The Respondent physically abused you, sexually abused you, or threatened to cause you bodily harm in the last six months;* and
  • You are still in danger of further abuse from the respondent.*

Prepare your testimony

Create an outline of the things you plan to talk about at the contested hearing. You should focus mainly on the abuse you experienced in the last six months. However, you can bring up older incidents of abuse if it will help the judge understand why you are afraid of the Respondent.

Download the 2 page PDF or read online

Last Review and Update: Oct 23, 2017
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