Registered Domestic Partnerships


An excerpt from the Community Education booklet Family Law in Oregon

What is a domestic partnership?

A domestic partnership is a civil contract between a same-sex couple that gives them the same state rights as those received by a married couple.

Who is allowed to enter into a domestic partnership?

Both parties must be of the same sex, at least 18 years of age, and capable of entering into a contract. At least one partner must be a resident of Oregon.

How is a domestic partnership created?

The same sex couple must complete a form called a "Declaration of Domestic Partnership." Both partners must sign the form, and their signatures must be notarized. The couple must then give the form to a County Clerk who will sign and register it. Once the declaration is registered, the County Clerk will provide the couple with a copy of the declaration and a "Certificate of Registered Domestic Partnership." More information about domestic partnerships, along with the declaration form, can be found at:

Is there a fee to register a domestic partnership?

Yes. You should contact your County Clerk for fee information.

How can a domestic partnership be ended?

A domestic partnership can be ended by going through the courts to get a judgment of dissolution or annulment or by the death of one of the partners. See sections on Annulment, Legal Separation, Informal Separation, and Divorce on this site.


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Last Review and Update: Dec 08, 2010
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