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Annulment of a Marriage in Oregon

Annulments are not common. You can only get one if you meet the legal requirements. You cannot annul your marriage just because you believe you made a mistake, or you haven’t been married long.  

Annulment means the cancellation of a marriage. This means legally, the marriage never happened. 

You can get an annulment in any of these situations:   

  • You were under 18 when you got married; 
  • You were tricked or forced into getting married; or 
  • You were not able to consent to getting married when you got married. 

In these situations, a couple can also decide to stay married. 

Yes. But, you or your spouse must have lived in Oregon for at least six months before you can start a case. 

Some churches have their own reasons and process for annulling a marriage. Those reasons may or may not be different from what the law allows.  

Even if you go through a process with your church, you must go through the court’s annulment or divorce process to legally end your marriage. 

Talk to a lawyer. If you qualify for annulment, a lawyer can help you with the legal papers. There are no court forms in Oregon for annulment. 

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