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了解有关受政府救济者的事实 (Public Charge)



As of March 9, 2021, Trump’s discriminatory, expanded Public Charge rule is permanently BLOCKED, and is no longer in effect anywhere in the United States.  Now, immigrants can safely get public benefits that support their health, nutrition, and housing without fear of impact on their immigration status.


截至2021年3月9日,特朗普政府的歧视性、扩大公共负担规则被永久终止,在美国的任何地方都不再有效。 现在,移民可以安全地获得支持他们健康、营养和住房的公共福利,而不用担心对他们的移民身份产生影响。

Last Review and Update: Feb 14, 2022
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