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Clackamas County Expungement Clinic

Have you ever been denied a job, due to prior conviction? Have you been denied housing because of an arrest? We may be able to help clean up your criminal record. The clinic is a volunteer attorney project in partnership with the Clackamas County Bar, Clackamas Law Library and Legal Aid Services of Oregon. Clinic is happening September 23rd, 2022.

Cleaning Up Oregon Criminal Records is Now Easier

Effective January 1, 2022, the legislature made it much easier and cheaper to expunge/seal criminal records. You may be able to get criminal dismissals, acquittals, arrests, or older convictions expunged/removed from your record.

Expungement of Eviction Records

Beginning May 19th, 2021, the State of Oregon has expanded eligibility to expunge records of some past evictions. Expungement means that the eviction record is erased. The court treats the eviction as if it never happened. When a prospective landlord searches the tenant’s eviction history, the expunged eviction should not show up. When a prospective landlord asks if an applicant has ever been evicted, the applicant can answer “no” if the eviction has been expunged.

Virtual Expungement Clinic

Is a criminal record holding you back? The Virtual Expungement Clinic may be able to help. The Clinic is a partnership program where volunteer lawyers provide FREE consultations to those who may be eligible for expungement.

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