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How to Get Your Landlord to Make Repairs

Your landlord must keep your rental home and all common areas safe and in good repair. If you need repairs, follow these steps:


Call, text, or talk to your landlord about the problem.

If you have an emergency—like a broken pipe, no heat, or electricity—be sure to contact your landlord right away. 


Write your landlord a letter.

If your landlord doesn't fix the problem after step one, write them a letter. You can use this sample letter to ask for repairs. Your letter should include:

  • Your name and address,
  • The date,
  • A description of the repairs needed, and
  • A reasonable deadline (such as 10 days) for your landlord to answer or make the repairs. 

Make a copy of your letter.

Keep this as evidence. You may need this evidence later if you have to take legal action. 


Mail your letter to your landlord.


Keep track of what happens next and document the problem.

  • Take photos or videos of the problem;
  • Keep copies of texts or emails from your landlord about the problem;
  • Make notes after conversations with your landlord about the problem (be sure to write down the date of the conversation);
  • If your property gets damaged because of the problem, take pictures of your damaged property;
  • If you have to pay to replace your property, be sure to keep your receipts; and
  • If you can, have a friend look at the problem so you have a witness.

If your landlord still doesn't fix the problem, write a 2nd letter.

You can use this sample letter to make a follow-up request for repairs. Tell your landlord they have five days to respond or fix the problem. 


Make a copy of your 2nd letter.


Mail your 2nd letter to your landlord.

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