Sinei Pwungun ren Public Charge

Authored By: Oregon Law Center, et al
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(Ei fact sheet esapw ew ekkesiwin ren legal advice.) Minafe 3-17-2021 Seni ewe March 9, 2021, Ewe Trump discriminatory, expanded Public Charge rule a unusen KOSIP, iwe ewe chiwen wor non unusen United States. Iei, kewe immigrants ra tongeni angei kewe public benefits kewe epwe tumwunuw ar pekin health, nutrition, me housing nge esapw pwan wor osukosukan ren ar immigration status. As of March 9, 2021, Trump’s discriminatory, expanded Public Charge rule is permanently BLOCKED, and is no longer in effect anywhere in the United States. Now, immigrants can safely get public benefits that support their health, nutrition, and housing without fear of impact on their immigration status.

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Last Review and Update: Apr 12, 2021