瞭解社會負擔相關資訊 (Public Charge)

Authored By: Oregon Law Center, et al
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For a full Fact Sheet on Public Charge in Mandarin Chinese click on apps.state.or.us below - 鏈接到pdf: apps.state.or.us


***更新:聯邦法官已停止在全國范圍內生效新的公共收費規則。 這意味著新規則並未於2019年10月15日開始生效,並且美國的公共收費規則並未更改。 檢查“公共情況說明書”上的資源以保持有關規則的最新信息。 ***(10-15-19)

***Update: Federal judges have stopped the new Public Charge Rule from going into effect across the whole country. This means the new rule did not start on October 15, 2019 and that public charge rules in the United States have not changed. Check the resources on the Public Charge Fact Sheet to stay updated about the rule. *** (10-15-19)

Last Review and Update: Oct 01, 2020