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Housing Rights For Domestic Violence, Sexual Assault, and Stalking Survivors

Information regarding housing rights for domestic violence, sexual assault, dating violence, and stalking survivors.

Know Your Rights: Domestic Violence and Assisted Housing

Are you a victim of domestic violence, dating violence, or stalking? Do you live in public housing, Section 8 housing, or supportive housing for the elderly or disabled? A law called VAWA, the Violence Against Women Act, may help you.

Know Your Rights: Sexual Harassment and Housing

Have you experienced unwanted touching, unwanted sexual advances, sexual jokes, comments, or gestures in your rental housing? Fair housing laws may help you.

Moving Forward with a Past

A detailed guidebook on the fair housing rights of tenants who have past criminal justice involvement and are applying to housing.

A Legal Guide for Oregon Advocates

A reference tool for advocates who work with domestic violence, sexual assault, and stalking survivors in Oregon.

Expungement of Eviction Records

Beginning May 19th, 2021, the State of Oregon has expanded eligibility to expunge records of some past evictions. Expungement means that the eviction record is erased. The court treats the eviction as if it never happened. When a prospective landlord searches the tenant’s eviction history, the expunged eviction should not show up. When a prospective landlord asks if an applicant has ever been evicted, the applicant can answer “no” if the eviction has been expunged.

Virtual Expungement Clinic

Is a criminal record holding you back? The Virtual Expungement Clinic may be able to help. The Clinic is a partnership program where volunteer lawyers provide FREE consultations to those who may be eligible for expungement.

Discrimination Against Tenants

The law protects tenants from some types of discrimination. Find out more here. (An excerpt from the 2016 Landlord-Tenant Law in Oregon community education booklet.)

Homeless or Houseless in Oregon? Know Your Rights

Your basic rights as a homeless / houseless person. Information about law enforcement and laws that affect camping, panhandling, vehicles, exclusion zones and sidewalk use.

Housing Rights for Manufactured or Mobile Home Residents in Oregon

The booklet covers the rights of individuals who live in manufactured or floating homes which are owned by the resident, but which occupy space rented by the homeowner in a facility designated for that purpose. A “facility” is a place where four or more manufactured homes or floating homes are located.

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